Detach a Volume

In order to remove a Volume from an active Instance, it must be detached. Volumes can only be detached from ACTIVE instances.

Files/data saved to a Volume is maintained across successive attachment/detachment actions.

From the Jetstream Atmosphere Dashboard:

  • Click on PROJECTS
  • Select your Project
  • Select the desired Volume and click Detach


    If data is being written to the volume when it’s detached, the data may become corrupted. Therefore, we recommend you make sure there is no data being written to the volume before detaching it.

  • Click Yes, Detach the Volume


    A Volume will fail to detach if:

    • the Volume is in active use on the active Instance to which it is attached.
    • if the Instance to which it is attached is in an inactive state (shelve/shutdown/suspend) (i.e. the Instance must be active in order to detach)
  • After the Volume has successfully detached, it may be subsequently re-attached to any of the User’s active Instances on the same provider cloud.

Detaching Volumes

REMINDER: Volumes can only be detached if:

  1. they are not in active use by a process on the instance Try:
    • fuser -m /<volume> to LIST all processes using a volume
      • You might also try sudo fuser -m /volume if nothing comes up – this will check for root processes holding the volume open
    • fuser -km /<volume> to KILL all processes using a volume
      • If you get results with sudo above, you’ll need to do sudo fuser -km /<volume> to kill the processes
  2. the instance to which they are attached is active
    • sudo lsof /<volume> will also show you processes using the volume.