Launch and Manage your Instance

Creating a Virtual Machine

Create and launch a VM OpenStack Command
See what flavors (sizes) are available openstack flavor list
See what Images are available for API use
The Jetstream team makes JS-API-Featured *
images available from which to build.
openstack image list --limit 1000
Create and boot an instance

  • Make sure your SSH keyname matches
  • ${OS_USERNAME}-api-u-1 is the name of the
    instance; make it something meaningful for you.
openstack server create ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1 \
--flavor m1.tiny \
--image IMAGE-NAME \
--key-name ${OS_USERNAME}-api-key \
--security-group ${OS_USERNAME}-global-ssh \
--nic net-id=${OS_USERNAME}-api-net
Create a public IP address for an instance openstack floating ip create public
Add that public IP address with that instance openstack server add floating ip ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1

Logging into your Virtual Machine

Things to do once the instance is running
You’re ready to log in to the running instance
via ssh’ing into public IP
ssh -i ${OS_USERNAME}-api-key


ssh -i ${OS_USERNAME}-api-key

Instance Management

Instance actions OpenStack Command
openstack server reboot ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1
openstack server suspend ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1
openstack server stop ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1
openstack server shelve ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1

Cleaning up

Clean up what was created above OpenStack Command
Remove the public IP address from the instance openstack server remove floating ip ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1
Delete an instance openstack server delete ${OS_USERNAME}-api-U-1
Return the public IP address to the pool of IP numbers openstack floating ip delete

Note: You often want to create infrastructure such as networks, subnets, routers, etc. only once and not delete them.
These entities are reusable by all members of your project.

Clean up other entities Openstack Command
Disconnect the router from the gateway openstack router unset --external-gateway ${OS_USERNAME}-api-router
Delete the subnet from the router openstack router remove subnet ${OS_USERNAME}-api-router ${OS_USERNAME}-api-subnet1
Delete the router openstack router delete ${OS_USERNAME}-api-router