Setting up

File copied over from JS1 - Make modifications for JS2

Jetstream cloud has one domain, the ‘IU’ domain. The username and password in the file are the same login credentials that would be { Check with Mike }.
For assistance with TACC login credentials, visit password reset .

IU cloud, IU domain

IU domain

export OS_PROJECT_NAME=TG_your_xsede_project_name
export OS_USERNAME=your_tacc_username
export OS_PASSWORD=your_tacc_password
export OS_AUTH_URL=CONTACT HELP@XSEDE.ORG for the available endpoint URL

Using the Horizon dashboard to generate

  1. Login to Horizon:

    Domain: IU User Name: your TACC username Password: your TACC password

  2. If you are on more than one allocation, select the project (XSEDE allocation) by clicking where it says “tacc · TG-xxxxxxxx · RegionOne” and choose the appropriate allocation.

  3. Click on your username in the upper right hand corner
  4. Click on Download OpenStack RC File v3 . The password is not stored in the script. This file will prompt for a password when sourced.

    Note: To select an active project prior to generating, click on Identity (left hand side) to see a list of your projects.