Jetstream2 Research Allocations

XSEDE to ACCESS transition

Please note that as XSEDE concludes operation and transitions to ACCESS, all of the allocations documentation will need to be updated. We will get it updated to reflect ACCESS as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Jetstream2 ressearch allocations are meant to be used for building on research exploration that you likely began initially with a startup allocation. Research allocations are intended only for research or research infrastructure purposes. They are not intended for teaching purposes. Please apply for an education allocation using the instructions here for any course, tutorial, or workshop needs.

XSEDE strongly encourages researchers to request a Startup Allocation prior to requesting a Research Allocation, in order to obtain benchmark results before you prepare your Research request. While having a Startup project is not absolutely required, the lack of benchmark results on the resources requested will greatly increase the level of scrutiny from the panel, especially for requests on highly oversubscribed resources.

For projects that have progressed beyond the Startup phase, either in purpose or scale of computational activities, a Research request is appropriate. Research requests are accepted and reviewed quarterly by the XSEDE Resource Allocations Committee (XRAC).

XSEDE maintains a page with all of the information you will need to submit a research allocation:

We highly encourage all potential applicants to view:

  • Webinars on writing a successful research allocation request and also the webinar for code and scaling documentation.
  • Example Research Requests an applicant can review.
  • Required Components section of the XSEDE documentation. If your research allocation request does not have all of the required components, it may be rejected without review.

Science Gateway research requests may have some different criteria. We recommend reviewing this section of the document if you will be submitting a science gateway oriented research request.

Please do not forget to review the formatting guidelines - failure to adhere to the guidelines may also result in a submission being rejected without review