ACCESS Credits and Jetstream2

ACCESS allocations are measured in ACCESS credits. Those credits then may be converted to resource-defined service units.

Jetstream2 allocations Jetstream core hours or service units (SUs).

ACCESS to Jetstream2 SUs

For simplicity, we’ve aligned our SU value such that 1 ACCESS Credit = 1 Jetstream2 SU.

SUs are consumed at a rate of:

  • Jetstream2 (CPU) - 1 SU per vCPU_core-hour (use of one virtual core of a CPU per hour).
  • Jetstream2-LM (Large Memory) - 2 SUs per vCPU_core-hour
  • Jetstream2-GPU - 2 SUs per vCPU_core-hour

Please refer to VM Sizes and configurations to see available VM flavors and per hour cost on Jetstream2.

  • SUSPENDED instances will be charged .75 of their normal SU value. (75%)
  • STOPPED instances will be charge 0.50 of their normal SU value. (50%)
  • SHELVED instances will not be charged SUs. (0%)

For Large Memory and GPU allocations, the vCPU core hour cost is 2x as noted above.

The reason for continuing to charge for VMs that are not in a usable state is that they still consume resorces if they are suspended or stopped. In those states, they still occupy allocable/usable space on the hypervisor, preventing other users from using those resources.

If your VM is active, even if you are not logged in and using it, it is still being charged for use. If you do not wish to be charged, shelve your instance

Usage reporting

Usage reported to ACCESS is not in real time. There may be a delay of 12-24 hours for usage reporting.

For instructions on managing instances, please see: