Manila - Filesystems-as-a-service - on Jetstream2

Manila is the file share service project for OpenStack. Manila provides the management of file shares for example, NFS and CIFS, as a c ore service to OpenStack. Manila works with a variety of proprietary backend storage arrays and appliances, with open source distribute d filesystems, as well as with a base Linux NFS or Samba server. Prereqs: Make sure you have the nfs client installed on your instance: apt install nfs-common for Ubuntu and yum install nfs-utils for CentOS.

To use Manila via Horizon

Create the share

  1. Click on: Project → Share → Shares → Create Share


  2. Create a share with the following settings:

    • protocol - nfs,
    • share type - cephnfstype  


Add an interface on the Manila network to an instance

  1. Click Compute → Instances screen

  2. Click Attach Interface (under Create Snapshot tab at far right)


  3. Attach to manila_testing ( network.


  4. The instance should show the interface.


Attaching instance to the Manila network

  1. On a running instance add an interface on the manila_testing network.