Jetstream2 requires that you be on a valid XSEDE allocation. If you are having issues accessing the various Jetstream2 interfaces, please first verify that you’re on a valid allocation via the XSEDE User Portal

Troubleshooting Jetstream2 Interfaces:

General Troubleshooting:

In Ubuntu 20 web desktop, I can’t load items from the JS2 Software Collection.

The Jetstream2 Software Collection requires Lmod modules to work. By default, the Gnome terminal in the the Ubuntu web desktop does not act like a login shell – meaning it doesn’t source the normal Bash login/environment files setting up your path and other environment variables.

We’re looking for a longer term solution for this, but in the meantime, you can fix this in the terminal preferences.

With Terminal as the active application:

  • Go to Edit -> Profile Preferences.
  • Select the Title and Command tab.
  • Check the “Run command as login shell” checkbox

You’ll need to start a new terminal window, but that new session should allow you to do commands like module avail