Exosphere Troubleshooting

I changed the exouser password on my instance and now the web shell and web desktop in Exosphere don’t work.

The way Jetstream2 is currently architected, all users on an allocation have access to all resources on the allocation. By default, Exosphere hides some resources created by other users, but this is only a convenience and it cannot assure separation of access.

It is possible to make it less straightforward for another user on the same allocation to access your running instance. You can do this by changing the password for the default exouser account. Changing the password does not prevent any access, but makes it more difficult.

Currently, changing the exouser account password will break Web Shell, Web Desktop, and some other Exosphere-powered instance interactions. This may change in the future.

We HIGHLY suggest utilizing ssh keys for your instances to ensure you have access. That’s covered here:


under the advanced options. You can also manually add your key to an already running instance.

We generally recommend using only ssh keys for external access and not changing the exouser password.