To use Manila via Horizon

1. Create the share on Horizon

i. Click on: Project → Share → Shares → Create Share


ii. Create a share with the following settings:

  • share name - a name of your choosing
  • share protocol - CephFS
  • size - the size of your manila share
  • share type - cephnfsnativetype


2. Edit the share rule

i. Once your share is available you can select Edit Share and Manage Rules and Add Rule :


  • access type - cephx
  • access level - read-write
  • access to - an arbitrary unique name

In the example above the accessTo name is manilashare. The name assigned must be globally unique, if you use a name that is already in use you will see and error state.


ii. If you now go back to the share page (Project/Share/Shares) and click on the share you created you should see your share’s metadata.

Important things to note here are :

  • Path - ips:ports followed by volume path (/volume/_no-group/…)
  • Access Key


Using Manila Share on a VM

This is the same whether you’re using Horizon or the CLI. Please refer to Configuring a VM to use Manila Shares