Create Security Group

Create a security group
(Do this once at IU and/or TACC
before launching instances)
OpenStack Command
Create a security group that will enable
inbound ping & SSH.

For more info see, SecurityGroups

Note: On OpenStack, the default is that
NO ports are open versus the traditional all
ports are open unless specifically closed. For this
reason,a security group must be established
and the SSH port opened in order to allow login.
openstack security group create --description "ssh & icmp enabled" ${OS_USERNAME}-global-ssh

openstack security group rule create --protocol tcp --dst-port 22:22 --remote-ip ${OS_USERNAME}-global-ssh

openstack security group rule create --protocol icmp ${OS_USERNAME}-global-ssh

Upload SSH key - do this once

If you have an SSH key upload id_rsa & to nova.
Note: Key filenames may vary.
cd ~/.ssh
openstack keypair create --public-key ${OS_USERNAME}-api-key

If you don’t have an SSH key then create a new key and upload to nova.
ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa -f ${OS_USERNAME}-api-key -P ""
openstack keypair create --public-key ${OS_USERNAME} ${OS_USERNAME}-api-key