Deploying Single/Multiple VMs

From the deployment screen, select simple launch of one or more vms

single 0

This will open a small window, which will ask you which region you’d like to deploy onto (more regions are to be deployed in the future, for now ‘IU’ is the only option). Clicking Next will open the Parameters window. Give the deployment a descriptive name, and select the image you’d like to deply from. In this example, we choose the base Featured-Ubuntu22 image. You can also select the amount of instances you want to create (in the example, we only create one), and the size of deployment.

single 1

Clicking next, will open the summary window prior to launch. To deploy, click Submit.

single 2

The VM should be successfully launched after a few minutes of building. You can access the VM by either:

  1. clicking on the small Console button;
  2. clicking on the PC button;
  3. Through ssh (assuming you already have added your credentials)

single 3